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Summer Dog Sled Tours

Have you ever wondered what sled dogs do in the summer? Tour our kennel and learn!
See where the huskies live, come along on an exercise run, and meet the dogs!
Looking for our winter adventures?
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Tour the Kennel,

Meet the Huskies!

Our state of the art kennel, located in Breckenridge, Colorado, is home to over 100 purebred Siberian Huskies. 


While you tour our kennel, one of our experienced mushers will walk you through our 4 acre property, introduce you to our dogs, and answer your questions. 


We will show you behind the scenes of our operation and walk you through a typical day at the dog yard. Learn how we care for our athletes and train them during the summer months. 

Come along on a ride while we take a team through their daily workout. Groups of up to seven people can join us on each cart while we exercise the dogs on a two-mile circuit through the beautiful and scenic Swan River Valley.

Our tour offers great photo opportunities and a unique, fun learning experience. 

Call Now to reserve your summer tour
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